Edmonton immigration nearly triples in ten years

Brenton Driedger | iNews880 | October 04, 2016 05:02 pm

A snapshot of immigrants living in Edmonton shows that our city is quickly becoming a destination for newcomers to Canada.

The Vital Signs report says the number of permanent residents arriving in Edmonton has almost tripled in the last decade, which came as a surprise to John Kolkman with the Edmonton Social Planning Council.

“The reason that so many newcomers have chosen to come to Edmonton is we’ve had a very strong economy for most of the last decade,” says Kolkman. “So (it’s) not only the 178 per cent increase over the past ten years, but immigrants and refugees who initially settled in other parts of Canada also found their way to Edmonton and Alberta during those ten years.”

The swell of newcomers is also helping Edmonton hold onto its title as the youngest big city in Canada. Kolkman says immigration keeps you young.

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