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pdf 2010 Greener Energy Edmonton


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Title:Greener energy opportunities and priorities for the City of Edmonton
Author(s):Weis, Tim|split|Anderson, Krisi
Subject:Environmental issues - general|split|Environmental issues - resource conservation
Publisher:The Pembina Institute
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2010

This paper discusses some of the multitude of technologies that are capable of making incremental improvements to the way that energy is supplied to the city of Edmonton and Edmontonians. This paper is not meant to be a holistic analysis of integrated community planning or even key energy efficiency options, although both are essential components of eventually achieving a sustainable energy system. The technologies discussed here are limited to energy supply technologies that are practical and immediately accessible at a municipal level. We discuss municipal opportunities for cogeneration, solar photovoltaics, solar hot water, solar hot air and passive solar, along with ground source heat pumps, biofuels, and biomass energy. Jurisdictions that have made the most progress in reducing fossil-fuel dependence have all done so as a result of a supportive policy environment that actively fosters the transition to sustainable, low-impact options. This paper provides a brief overview of some of those policy options to encourage the deployment of the aforementioned technologies at a municipal level and includes an appendix highlighting what a few other municipalities are doing to take steps forward. The options and strategies reviewed include goal setting, education, development permits, zoning requirements, procurement, community ownership, local improvement charges, tax credits, rebates, incentives and financing.

Series:The Edmonton Sustainability Papers - Discussion Paper 14
 Material Type:Report

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